Rene of Paris Color Ring

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Type: Color Ring
Collection: Accessories by Rene of Paris

Rene of Paris Color Ring includes: Cappucino, Cappucino Highlight, Champagne, Chestnut, Coffee Latte, Creamy Blond, Dark Chocolate, Expresso, Frosti Blond, Ginger Brown, Harvest Gold, Marble Brown, Spring Honey, Strawberry Swirl, Toasted Brown, Vanilla Lush, Almond Rocka, Almond Spice, Apricot Frost, Auburn Sugar-R, Black Onyx, Burnt Sienna-R, Butter Peacan-R, Cayenne Spice, Chai Cream, Chocolate Frost-R, Chocolate Lava, Chocolate Swirl, Cinnamon Spice, Coconut Spice, Copper Glaze-R, Creamy Toast, Creamy Toffee-R, Garnet Glaze, Ginger Highlight, Honey Wheat, Iced Mocha-R, Irish Spice-R, Java Frost, Maple Sugar-R, Midnight Pearl, Mochaccino-R, Mocha-H, Nutmeg-F, Nutmeg-H, Platinum Pearl, Plum Raisin, Rasin Glaze-H, Razberry Ice-R, Sandalwood-H, Sandy Silver, Silver Stone, Sugar Cane, Terracotta-H

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