Raquel Welch and Hairdo Top 36 Synthetic Color Ring

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Type: Color Ring
Collection: Accessories by Raquel Welch

This synthetic color ring is comprised of VogueWigs' 36 most popular colors by Raquel Welch and Hairdo. Use our VogueWigs exclusive color ring to accurately see all of your favorite shades for Raquel Welch and Hairdo products!

R2, R4, R6, R8, R829S, R830, R9S, R10, R11S, R1416T, R1488H, R16, R1621S, R2026S, R21T, R22, R23S, R25, R101, R28S, R29S, R30, R3025S, R33, R3329S, R130, R6/30H, R8/25, R12/26H, R14/25, R30/27H, R9F26, R13F25, R38R, R56/60, R119G.

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