Perfect 10 Synthetic Jaw Clip Hairpiece by Forever Young

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Type: Synthetic Hairpiece
Collection: Forever Young Hairpieces
Length: Overall 20"

Perfect 10 is a hybrid jawclip-drawstring hairpiece that adds dramatic length and body to your existing hairstyle. Like all Forever Young hairpieces, Perfect 10 is made out of 100% Kanekalon fiber for a natural touch and look. This hairpiece is easy to attach and extremely comfortable to wear, so you don't have to compromise comfort to look good. Perfect 10 will certainly make you feel like the cover girl you are. Jaw-Clip Application: Put your hair in ponytail or bun atop your head. If your hair is long, wrap the hairpiece around your ponytail or bun until it all looks like one big bun. Secure with pins.
Another way is to make two ponytails -- one high on your head and the other directly below it. Then open the jaw clip and wrap it around both ponytails. Pull the drawstring for a natural-looking, secure fit.

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