Lyric Synthetic Hairpiece by Raquel Welch

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Type: Synthetic Hairpiece
Collection: Hair Additions by Raquel Welch
Length: Crown 5" , Sides 5.5" , Bang 4.5" , Back 5.5" , Nape 5.5"
Weight: 0.85 oz

Pre-styled to perfection, the Raquel Welch Lyric hairpiece adds volume, dimension and texture to your overall look. This short, curled synthetic hairpiece offers ample volume on top plus gentle, feminine bangs that highlight your face shape and draw attention to your eyes. Perfect for adding a boost to your hairstyle, this high-quality hairpiece is easy to use and part of the Sheer Indulgence collection, so it features a monofilament top for an incredibly realistic look. It allows you to part the hair in any direction and mean you get an organic look that perfectly mimics real hair growth.

Like all Raquel Welch hairpieces, the Lyric implements top-quality innovations to give you a barely-there feel and a remarkably natural look. Curled fibers over a flexible 6.5-inch base with four pressure-sensitive clips offer easy, on-the-go attachment. A polyurethane front rim has been built-in to accommodate for tape if you feel you need the added security. Measuring 4.5 inches wide in the front, 5 inches wide on the crown and 5.5 inches wide on the sides and back, this curled hairpiece is ideal for almost all head shapes and sizes.

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