Human Hair Bang Hairpiece by Raquel Welch

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Type: Human Hair Hairpiece
Collection: Sheer Indulgence by Raquel Welch
Length: 7", 5.25" x 2.75" base
Weight: 1 oz
monofilament tophuman hair

Raquel Welch human hair bangs can add dramatic style to your look. These face-contouring bangs are made from 7-inch-long hair on a 5.25-inch by 2.75-inch monofilament base that allows you to create a look you’ll love. With two pressure-sensitive clips to hold this beautiful human hair bang hairpiece in place, you’ll always look your best and never have to worry about others knowing you’re wearing it.

This human hair bang hairpiece by Raquel Welch lets you keep up with the latest hair trends without waiting to grow out stubborn locks or having to chop away at your long tresses. They’re available in several colors, so finding the perfect match for your tone and color is easier than ever before. Because they’re made from human hair, these bangs can be dyed, cut or styled just like your natural hair can. Don’t make a major change to your looks; just attach a human hair bang hairpiece and you’re ready to look your best.

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