Smart Heat Professional Ionic Dryer by Gold 'N Hot

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Type: Appliance
Collection: Heat Friendly Hair Care Products by Gold 'N Hot

The Smart Heat Professional Ionic Dryer is ergonomically designed to stay perfectly balanced in your hand. This ionic dryer features an air concentrator to aid in rapid spot drying and an air diffuser which distributes smoothly for frizz free curls and waves. The Pik attachment helps straighten and smooth out curls while the one-touch setting controls are easy to read for a stress free drying experience.

Smart Heat is an exclusive technology designed to maximize the beauty of all hair textures, including synthetic extensions. The exclusive smart heat electronic sensor keeps the temperature and airflow constant to provide the best styling combination to bring out the best your hair can be. No matter whether you have thin, coarse or normal hair, Smart Heat is designed to maintain the body, moisture and luster of each hair type without over drying or over heating! All you need to know is your hair type, press the button and let it do the rest.
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